train stories

train stories

Phantom train 8017  trains story

Phantom train 8017


In March 1944 the World War 2 seemed to be reaching the final stage, at least for Italians, who lived behind the front. The Allied offensive in Italy was doing so well in 1943 that they all expected the war to end quickly, but instead the Allied unit...

Russian Railway Troops  trains story

Russian Railway Troops


Russian Railway Troops (today called Railway Troops of the Russian Armed Forces) were established on 6th August 1851 by order of Emperor Nicholas I, first in the world army branch to specialize in trains and railways. Their primary role was to operat...

1978, Winter of the Century  trains story

1978, Winter of the Century


In December 1978 events that took place in Central Europe are to this day called Winter of the Century. The winter of 1978 was filled with either snow or rain, but during the night 27th to 28th December a particularly cold weather front has moved fro...

CSX 8888 incident  trains story

CSX 8888 incident

United States

On 15 May 2001 a CSX engineer was using Locomotive #8888 to move a string of 47 freight cars (including 22 loaded) from one track to another within Stanley Yard in Walbridge, Ohio. Two tank cars contained thousands of gallons of molten phenol, a toxi...

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Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

Can you solve this cold case?
Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

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