train games

train games

Transarctica 1993 trains game


1993 France

In post-apocalyptic world, where whole Earth is covered with ice, the last hope of the human kind is the still in tact railways network. Player takes over train called Transarctica that travels through vast empty lands between last existing cities....

Railroad Tycoon II 1998 trains game

Railroad Tycoon II

1998 United States

Second Railroad Tycoon game that again put player in charge of the new railroad company with aim to become one of the tycoons in United States or Europe....

Railroad Tycoon 1990 trains game

Railroad Tycoon


Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon

1990 United States

One of the first computer games that allowed player to become owner of railroad company - from building the tracks and stations to running the whole show....

Transport Tycoon 1994 trains game

Transport Tycoon

1994 United States

Transport Tycoon, published four years after Railroad Tycoon, went far beyond the Sid Meier masterpiece and offered full liberty to build your transport company including buses, trains, helicopters, planes and boats....

Train Simulator 2009 trains game

Train Simulator

2009 United Kingdom

British train simulator that offers a chance to take control of one of many locomotives and drive them on numerous lines with different loads or build your own career by fulfilling scenarios....

The Train: Escape to Normandy 1987 trains game

The Train: Escape to Normandy

1987 United States

During World War 2 French resistance fighters take control over steam engine. Under attacks from German planes and gunboats they try to reach the Normandy, where Allied forces have just landed....

Agent USA 1984 trains game

Agent USA

1984 United States

Classic educational game from 8-bit computers that had that something extra that made it popular even among the adults - secret agent has to save USA while traveling only by trains....

Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon 2005 trains game

Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

2005 United States

Nancy Drew travels on board of old train to solve the mystery of 19th century wealthy mine owner that vanished in 1903, but just after the train leaves the station the host of the travel disappears as well....

Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion 2004 trains game

Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion

2004 United Kingdom

Chris Sawyer, the creator of famous Transport Tycoon, in 2004 published the game that was suppose to be the spiritual successor to Transport Tycoon, but failed on many levels....

Railway Lines 2008 trains game

Railway Lines


Linie Kolejowe

2008 Poland

Polish game that is dedicated to all railroad and modelling lovers, as the developers put it, but hardly can be described as full of passion or even enthusiasm....

Train Station Simulator 2017 trains game

Train Station Simulator

2017 United States

Indie game that concentrates on often overlooked in games aspect of railways - the infrastructure on the passenger terminals - from planning the entrances and ticket booths to linking to city transit....

Ticket to Ride 2004 trains game

Ticket to Ride

2004 United Kingdom

Board game that was later adapted into several local versions and computer game - Ticket to Tide is train-themed game of strategy and planning....

Globetrotter 1984 trains game


1984 West Germany

While travelling around to world in 80 days sounds impressive, how hard could it be to do it in 60 days, but using modern times transportation? Well, try it for yourself....

Mini Metro 2015 trains game

Mini Metro

2015 New Zealand

Build metro system in growing city and adapt it to situation that constantly changes. Start with only 3 stations, but soon you will have to deal with multiple lines and traffic that changes every day....

Sid Meier’s Railroads! 2006 trains game

Sid Meier’s Railroads!

2006 United States

Author of the Railroad Tycoon games, Sid Meier, and his (so far) final production from the genre... that unfortunately has very little to do with previous ones....

Rail Cargo Simulator 2010 trains game

Rail Cargo Simulator

2010 Germany

In history many jobs were linked to railways - from train drivers to ticket box attendants - all of them important, but not all of them interesting. In this game we take over position in one of those vital, but extremely boring jobs....

Sensible Train Spotting 1995 trains game

Sensible Train Spotting

1995 United Kingdom

Sensible Train Spotting was published as a sort of a joke - it was a farewell game of one of the most recognizable companies of Commodore Amiga computers....

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