train photos

train photos

First train arriving to New York train photos

First train arriving to New York

United States

Not exactly photo, but image of what the arrival of New York’s first train looked like. It was 26th November 1832 when first train, still horse-drawn car, from New York & Harlem Railroad company arrived to today’s Union Square in the middle of Ma...

Orient Express, around 1900 train photos

Orient Express, around 1900

Famous Orient Express on the postcard pictured near Constantinople near 1900, roughly 7 years after its first run in 1883....

Montparnasse derailment train photos

Montparnasse derailment


One of the most famous train disaster photos - the 22 October 1895 derailment of the Granville-Paris Express that overran the buffer stop at the Gare Montparnasse terminus and fell on the street below. Steam locomotive type 2-4-0 hauling three ba...

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