train radio shows

train radio shows

Parsley Sidings  1971 trains radio show

Parsley Sidings

1971 United Kingdom

Horace Hepplewhite is a manager of small train station, where he tries to keep his staff up to the standards of British Railways, which is not easy....

Murder on the Orient Express  1992 trains radio show

Murder on the Orient Express

1992 United Kingdom

Hercule Poirot climbs aboard the famous Orient Express on his way back from Middle East, but even in that surroundings of luxury he has to solve a mystery....

Clockwork  1985 trains radio show


1985 United Kingdom

Roebuck, one of the many commuters travelling each day to London, can’t understand why the 8.11 train is always 10 minutes late. One day he just snaps and decides to once and for all find the reason behind it....

Thrilling Stories of the Railway  2014 trains radio show

Thrilling Stories of the Railway

2014 United Kingdom

The 1912 short stories about railways buff Thorpe Hazell, who from time to time has to use his knowledge about trains to solve the mysteries as private detective, adapted for BBC Radio....

Change at Oglethorpe  1995 trains radio show

Change at Oglethorpe

1995 United Kingdom

A graduate trainee takes charge of a rural railway station and its eccentric staff....

Grand Central Station  1937 trains radio show

Grand Central Station

1937 United States

Grand Central Station, a point where trains from all over the country end their route and the people who at the Grand Central Station begin the new chapter in their lives....

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Can you solve this 50 years old unsolved case?

Can you solve this mystery?
Can you solve this 50 years old unsolved case?

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