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The Midnight Meat Train 2008 train movie

The Midnight Meat Train (2008, United States)

The Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movie

Running time: 100 minutes

Language: English

Photographer Leo is close to have a breakthrough in his career - instead of chasing after every accident and disaster to sell a good photo for the gutter press he is given a chance to show his more artistic works to the influential art dealer Susan Hoff. His girlfriend Maya supports his efforts, but the first meeting with Susan Hoff doesn’t go well - she needs something more edgy in her gallery than what Leo has done so far. He sets out for the all-night walks through the streets of New York and search for something with more depth. While following group of black teenagers he is witness to them mugging a young woman. After taking few photos he helps her and sees her enter the subway train. Next day he sees photo of the girl in newspaper - she is a model and has disappeared last night. Leo goes to police station, but the detective that spoke to him was fat from being thrilled with his story and began to question why he took pictures before helping the girl. During his next night escapade Leo notices a well dressed, but sinister looking man carrying a large bag while he leaves the subway station. The man spots Leo following him and scares him off, but Leo remembers the unusual signet-ring the man is wearing. Next day, while he develops the photos, Leo recognizes the same signet-ring on the photo of the young woman he took before she entered the subway train.

American horror-thriller based on the British author Clive Barker short story and filmed by Japanese director. Although the premise seemed interesting and the atmosphere and plot were moving in right direction it seems that creators of The Midnight Meat Train made all the wrong choices. First of all the cast is far from being impressive - Vinny Jones’ performance, a non-professional actor, is the best in whole movie, which say something about the rest of the cast. Another problem is script that drifted away from the original short story and the added elements to the story changed the horror into gore-fest, stripped the whole thing of the mystery elements and at some points the pace of the story is not very impressive. The original The Midnight Meat Train short story wasn’t perfect either and just like in this movie the ending is rather questionable. Overall an interesting offer for the gore-horror genre, rather unlikely to appeal to other viewers.

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watch The Midnight Meat Train

watch The Midnight Meat Train

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The Midnight Meat Train

The Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movieThe Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movieThe Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movie

Creators of The Midnight Meat Train

Ryuhei Kitamura films


Jeff Buhler films


Clive Barker films


Cast of The Midnight Meat Train

Bradley Cooper films

as Leon

Leslie Bibb films

as Maya

Vinnie Jones films

as Mahogany

Roger Bart films

as Jurgis

Brooke Shields films

as Susan Hoff

Tony Curran films

as train driver

Barbara Eve Harris films

as Detective Lynn Hadley

Peter Jacobson films

as Otto

The Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movieThe Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movieThe Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movieThe Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movie
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