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Snowpiercer 2013 train movie

Snowpiercer (2013, South Korea)

Snowpiercer  2013 train movie

Running time: 120 minutes

Language: English

Scientific experiment that was supposed to solve the global warming problem backfired and insted of just slowing down or stopping the increase of the temperature it has reversed the process and all Earth has returned to ice age. Fifteen years after the experiment it looks like people aboard the Snowpiercer train are the last survivors of human kind. Snowpiercer (also called The Rattling Ark) was built by transport magnate Wilford to be completely self-sufficient. The train is travelling around the world on a track formed as a loop and it takes exactly one year to make full circle, to the passengers have begun to count time on the observation of the scenery outside the windows. With time the inhabitants of Snowpiercer have split into different castes - the front sections are the quarters for the elite of that society, while tail sections are called "scum", where in poor conditions the labor workers live. The parts of the society are separated - workers can’t simply wander around, they are under the scrutiny of armed guards and they are the work force for whole train. Among the workers are Curtis Everett, who becomes a leader of revolt against the opression of the workers, and his mentor Gilliam, who recall brutal pacification of previous revolt. The workers are desperate enough not to wait any longer - they have to work hard, they are given only some gelatinous pulp and for not clear reasons sometimes few of their children are taken away by the guards.

Film based on the comic books that presented the post-apocalyptic Earth covered by ice with only one oasis, where human race still exists - the self-sufficient train able to deal with tough conditions. The revolt is brewing among the workers and their rebellion can change their lives or put whole Snowpiercer to the end. Very interesting concept combined with very good cast seemed to be the great mixture, but unfortunately it is South Korean production, which made a lot of difference - some of the scenes involve martial arts (even though they clash with more philosophical of the main theme of the movie). Second flaw is that construction of the train makes very little sense - the workers are moving towards the engine and pass through places with lack of space for people and later suddenly they get through wagons dedicated to nothing else but saunas (not to mention they never reach any sleeping sections or useful for everyday living. Visual side of the movie is strong point - great scenery (although covered with snow), interesting style of the train interiors, good cast and quite involving story.

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watch Snowpiercer

watch Snowpiercerwatch Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer  2013 train movieSnowpiercer  2013 train movieSnowpiercer  2013 train movie

Creators of Snowpiercer

Joon-ho Bong films


Joon-ho Bong films


Kelly Masterson films


Jacques Lob films


Benjamin Legrand films


Jean-Marc Rochette films


Cast of Snowpiercer

Chris Evans films

as Curtis Everett

Kang-ho Song films

as Namgoong Minsoo

Ed Harris films

as Minister Wilford

John Hurt films

as Gilliam

Tilda Swinton films

as Deputy-Minister Mason

Octavia Spencer films

as Tanya

Ah-sung Ko films

as Yona

Alison Pill films

as Teacher

Jamie Bell films

as Edgar

Ewen Bremner films

as Andrew

Snowpiercer  2013 train movie
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