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Night Train 2009 train movie

Night Train (2009, United States)

Night Train  2009 train movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English

Night train in the middle of snowstorm stops on a secluded station. Old conductor Miles and his young apprentice Frankie are taking care of handful of passengers. An odd looking man approaches them. He looks like he was running to catch the train and generally does not seem to be well. He climbs aboard and takes place in last car, but when, after departure from station, Miles approaches him to collect the money for the ticket he discovers that the man is dead. There are two other passengers in the car, young woman Chloe and drunken man called Pete. Miles notices a package in the hands of the deceased and opens it. Inside there is a strange looking wooden box. Pete looks inside through the openwork notices inside stones that could be worth a lot of money. While they seem to be shocked by the death of a man the greed begins to take over their minds as they conceive a plan to take the stones and split it three ways. But the problem is first they would have to open the wooden box that seems to be impossible to destroy...

Film that is a mixture of drama, horror, mystery and even fantasy or science fiction - the drowsy atmosphere aboard a night train changes irreversibly when three people find valuable stones hidden inside strange box. While the setting, the cast, the basic concept were quite good the film is far from being perfect. The atmosphere aboard the train was well devised, but the whole thing lacks depth and at some points explanation. The train interiors are done well, but exterior shots were all made in CGI.

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watch Night Train

watch Night Train

Night Train  2009 train movieNight Train  2009 train movieNight Train  2009 train movie

Creators of Night Train

Brian King films


Brian King films


Cast of Night Train

Danny Glover films

as Miles

Leelee Sobieski films

as Chloe

Steve Zahn films

as Pete

Matthias Schweighoefer films

as Frankie

Takatsuna Mukai films

as Hiro

Togo Igawa films

as Yamashita

Geoff Bell films

as detective

Night Train  2009 train movie
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