American trains

American trains

Morristown train station  train station

Morristown train station

United States

Morristown train station is listed in National Register of Historic Places station located in Morristown, New Jersey, 32 miles west of New York City on the Morristown Line that is part of New Jersey T......

27th Street Depot  train station

27th Street Depot

United States

The 27th Street Depot was the first depot built by the New York & Harlem Railroad while they were building the railroad from Manhattan to Harlem. They acquired land on Fourth Avenue between 26th and 2......

First train arriving to New York train photos

First train arriving to New York

United States

Not exactly photo, but image of what the arrival of New York’s first train looked like. It was 26th November 1832 when first train, still horse-drawn car, from New York & Harlem Railroad company arr......

Steamtown National Historic Site  train museum

Steamtown National Historic Site

United States

Steamtown National Historic Site (NHS) is a huge railway museum established in 1986 on the site of the former shipyard in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It covers an area of 25.3 hectares (62.48 acres) and w......

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad  famous railway line

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

United States

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is one of the oldest railway lines in the United States, its construction began in 1828. The first line was connecting port of Baltimore located on the Chesapeake Bay in Ma......

CSX 8888 incident  trains story

CSX 8888 incident

United States

On 15 May 2001 a CSX engineer was using Locomotive #8888 to move a string of 47 freight cars (including 22 loaded) from one track to another within Stanley Yard in Walbridge, Ohio. Two tank cars conta......

Night Train  2009 train movie

Night Train

2009 United States

Night train in the middle of snowstorm stops on a secluded station. An odd looking man gets aboard and soon after is found dead by the conductor and two passengers. The strange looking box in his hands will change the drowsy atmosphere....

Train Station Simulator 2017 trains game

Train Station Simulator

2017 United States

Indie game that concentrates on often overlooked in games aspect of railways - the infrastructure on the passenger terminals - from planning the entrances and ticket booths to linking to city transit....

Grand Central Station  1937 trains radio show

Grand Central Station

1937 United States

Grand Central Station, a point where trains from all over the country end their route and the people who at the Grand Central Station begin the new chapter in their lives....

The Taking of Pelham 123  2009 train movie

The Taking of Pelham 123

2009 United States

Another ordinary day in New York subway system is about to change completely when train Pelham 123 suddenly stops in one of the tunnels. There are no signs of problems on the line, but when dispatcher makes contact with the motorman it becomes obviou...

Death Train Detonator 1993 train movie

Death Train



1993 United States

Mercenaries take over a train in Germany and plan to reach the Iraq. Why would authorities would let them pass through rail network? Perhaps so they would not detonate the nuclear bomb they have aboard....

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Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

Can you solve this cold case?
Can you solve this 60 years old cold case?

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