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Parsley Sidings 1971 train radio show

Parsley Sidings (1971, United Kingdom)

Parsley Sidings  1971 train radio show

Running time: 30 minutes per episode

Language: English

Parsley Sidings is a small train station somewhere in Great Britain. Only handful of trains ever arrive there, but this don’t stop the station manager Horace Hepplewhite from keeping the highest standards of service. Or rather he aims to offer the highest standards of service, which is more or less impossible with his not very bright son as his right hand and completely unreliable employees. In each episode he faces another crisis on his small train station and tries to stop his staff from ruining the Parsley Sidings reputation, which is not easy since his handyman is constantly on the fiddle and his son is accident-prone disaster just waiting to happen.

Comedy radio show set in secluded train station, where pompous manager tries to control his staff to the limits of his abilities. With rather impressive cast - Arthur Lowe (Dad’s Army, Bless Me Father), Ian Lavender (Dad’s Army), Liz Fraser (Carry On) and Kenneth Connor (Carry On, ’Allo ’Allo) it seemed like sure success. Unfortunately the character the cast played were very close to those they were most famous for (Horace Hepplewhite is a copy of Captain Mainwaring, his son is copy of Private Pike) and even Kenneth Connor’s talent to change his voice and create different characters were not enough to keep the show running smoothly.

It is nice, old-fashioned, slow paced radio show, with very good actors, but not very good scripts. The retro trains nostalgia is nice element to the show, but overall it is not the best production when it comes to the trains themes nor the best radio comedy show of 1970s.

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watch Parsley Sidings

watch Parsley Sidings

Parsley Sidings  1971 train radio showParsley Sidings  1971 train radio showParsley Sidings  1971 train radio show

Creators of Parsley Sidings

Jim Eldridge films


Cast of Parsley Sidings

Bill Pertwee films

Kenneth Connor films

as Mr Bradshaw

Arthur Lowe films

as Horace Hepplewhite

Kenneth Connor films

as Percy Valentine

Ian Lavender films

as Bertrand Hepplewhite

Liz Fraser films

as Gloria Simpkins

Parsley Sidings  1971 train radio show
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