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Montparnasse derailment famous train photo

Montparnasse derailment (France)

Montparnasse derailment

One of the most famous train disaster photos - the 22 October 1895 derailment of the Granville-Paris Express that overran the buffer stop at the Gare Montparnasse terminus and fell on the street below.

Steam locomotive type 2-4-0 hauling three baggage vans, a post van, and six passenger carriages with 131 passengers on board entered the station too fast, at a speed of 40-60 kilometres per hour (25-37 mph) and the Westinghouse air brake failed to stop it. Locomotive crashed through a 60-centimetre (2 ft) thick wall, before falling onto the Place de Rennes 10 metres (33 ft) below. A woman in the street below was killed by falling masonry, two passengers, the fireman, two guards and a passerby in the street sustained injuries.

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