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Warsaw Commuter Railway museum famous train museum

Warsaw Commuter Railway museum (Poland)

Warsaw Commuter Railway museum

Model of 1920s railcar

Warsaw Commuter Railway (Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa, WKD), formerly known as Electric Commuter Railway (Elektryczne Koleje Dojazdowe, EKD) is 40 km long narrow gauge track commuter rail line from Grodzisk Mazowiecki to Warsaw. The line is close to the main railway from Lodz to Warsaw (part of historical Warsaw-Vienna line) operated by Polish State Railways (PKP), while WKD runs through smaller municipalities than mainline.

The museum is located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, at the terminus of the WKD line, just next to the Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radonska station. The museum contains plenty of photos from almost 100 years of history of WKD and some elements of equipment used in the past - the ticket booth windows, original signal lamps, interlock control panels, watches and lamp posts from 1930s with EKD logo on them.

Museum is open twice a week (on wednesdays and sundays), admission tickets cost less than 1 Euro. On rare occassions restored historical car from 1920s is presented next to museum. Museum is located next to engine house and sidings linked to it, which means that there are plenty of chances to see historic EKD trains during their maintenance.

Warsaw Commuter Railway museum Warsaw Commuter Railway museum Warsaw Commuter Railway museum

Restored interior of 1920s railcar that was used on the ECR line

Warsaw Commuter Railway museum

1960s photo from the museum collection

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