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Transsiberian 2008 train movie

Transsiberian (2008, Spain)

Transsiberian  2008 train movie

Running time: 110 minutes

Language: English

American couple, Roy and Jessie, returning from a Christian mission in China choose to travel to Europe on board of Trans-Siberian train heading for Moscow. Soon they meet young couple, Spanish Carlos and his American girlfriend Abby, with whom they will be sharing a cabin. Roy quickly becomes friend with Carlos, but Jessie is more reserved and cautious. During their journey she spends a lot of time taking pictures of other passengers, but she is constantly under impression that Carlos is trying to seduce her and the sexual tension between them is unbearable for her. Carlos show her the collection of matryoshka dolls he is carrying in his luggage, but she is more preoccupied with the fact that Roy suddenly is missing. She tries to find him in other carriages, she tries to communicate with the train crew, but Roy simply vanished.

Finally Jessie gets the information that Roy missed the train during the stop in Irkutsk and will travel on the next train. She decides to get off the train at Ilanskaya train station and wait for him. Carlos and Abby offer to wait with her, saying she would not be safe on her own. They all stay in a hotel, where again Carlos keeps close to Jessie. When she receives information that Roy will arrive to Ilanskaya in few hours Carlos convinces her to go for a walk. This walk will change everything.

Thriller set on board of Trans-Siberian train and presenting a lot of local folklore surrounding Russian (or rather Soviet) trains. With small exception - it was filmed in Lithuania and the trains have nothing to do with Trans-Siberian Railway. Nevertheless it shows a lot of snowy scenery, the plot is not perhaps anything special, but still it is decent thriller with good performances from the cast and most of the time we see the world from aboard the train.

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watch Transsiberian

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Transsiberian  2008 train movieTranssiberian  2008 train movieTranssiberian  2008 train movie

Creators of Transsiberian

Brad Anderson films


Brad Anderson films


Will Conroy films


Cast of Transsiberian

Woody Harrelson films

as Roy

Kate Mara films

as Abby

Ben Kingsley films

as Grinko

Emily Mortimer films

as Jessie

Eduardo Noriega films

as Carlos

Thomas Kretschmann films

as Kolzak

Transsiberian - trivia

Although the story takes place in Siberia during the Transsiberian Express travel the film was filmed in Lithuania.

Transsiberian  2008 train movieTranssiberian  2008 train movieTranssiberian  2008 train movie

Transsiberian quotes

In Russia, we have expression. "With lies, you may go ahead in the world, but you may never go back".

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