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The Ghost Train 1941 train movie

The Ghost Train (1941, United Kingdom)

The Ghost Train  1941 train movie

Running time: 85 minutes

Language: English

During World War 2 a train heading for Truro is suddenly stopped. Someone has pulled the emergency stop cord and the train stops in the middle of nowhere. The passengers spot a funny looking man on the tracks. It turns out that he was the one, who pulled the cord - he dropped his hat out of the window and stopped the whole train to get it back. When he returns with the hat conductor is angry and wants to fine him, but the passenger, Tommy Gander, the comedian on the way to start a tour in the vaudeville halls, manages not only to avoid the fine, but also he meets an attractive blonde in one of the compartments. Unfortunately for him another passenger, Teddy Deakin, is trying to chat her up and soon her husband, ex-boxer Richard Winthrop, shows up scares them both away. The unplanned stop turns out to be a bigger problem than the passengers thought - when train arrives to small station Fal Vale Junction in Cornwall they have to switch to another train that will take them to Truro, but as they are informed by the stationmaster the train they were about to embark has already left and because of Gander the were too late to catch it. Now they have to wait for next one, which will arrive in... 9 hours. Since it is already very late they have no other option than wait on Fal Vale, especially since it begins to rain. The stationmaster, Saul Hodgkin, opposes stating they are not allowed to stay on the station during the night, but the passengers ignore him. Hodgkin hints the railway rules are not the only reason they should leave - the station is haunted. Years ago accident took place on the nearby railroad bridge and since then few people saw a ghost train traveling through Fal Vale and all of them later died in mysterious circumstances...

British film based on popular play written by Arnold Ridley (most famous for his Dad’s Army performance as Private Godfrey) mixed elements of mystery, comedy and thriller. Almost whole story takes place on small train station in Cornwall, where 8 passengers are forced to spend the night during a storm and strange things begin to happen. It is great, old-fashioned film that is still joy to watch. There are many train motifs in the film, although only small part takes place aboard the train, while most of the time the main characters are locked in small train station.

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watch The Ghost Train

watch The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train  1941 train movieThe Ghost Train  1941 train movieThe Ghost Train  1941 train movie

Creators of The Ghost Train

Walter Forde films


J.O.C. Orton films


Val Guest films


Marriott Edgar films


Arnold Ridley films


Cast of The Ghost Train

Arthur Askey films

as Tommy Gander

Richard Murdoch films

as Teddy Deakin

Kathleen Harrison films

as Miss Bourne

Carole Lynne films

as Jackie Winthrop

Peter Murray-Hill films

as R.G. Winthrop

Morland Graham films

as Doctor Sterling

Herbert Lomas films

as Saul Hodgkin

Betty Jardine films

as Edna

Stuart Latham films

as Herbert

Raymond Huntley films

as Price

Linden Travers films

as Julia Price

D.J. Williams films

as Ben Isaacs

The Ghost Train - trivia

Arnold Ridley, the author
Arnold Ridley, best know for playing Private Godfrey in sitcom Dad’s Army, wrote the play The Ghost Train in 1923, which became very popular in 1920s in 1930s leading to several film and radio adaptations, but unfortunately he sold his royalties before the play became a hit, so never really made any money on the success of The Ghost Train.

The Ghost Train  1941 train movieThe Ghost Train  1941 train movieThe Ghost Train  1941 train movie
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