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The Cassandra Crossing 1976 train movie

The Cassandra Crossing (1976, Italy)

The Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movie

Running time: 130 minutes

Language: English

The International Health Organization building in Geneva is suddenly invaded by three young men, who shoot the guard to US mission and break into the laboratory. Security manages to kill one of them, another is shot, but third one manages to escape. Colonel MacKenzie of US intelligence is called to investigate the case, but on arrival he learns from Doctor Stradner that the terrorists were exposed to the samples of plague that were kept in the laboratory. The one that was shot by the security guards is not in agony with clear symptoms of plague. MacKenzie has to find the third man, the one who escaped. Among the personal things of the dead terrorists he finds a ticket for Geneva - Stockholm train. Unfortunately for him the train has already left the station with few hundred passengers on board and MacKenzie has to assume that the man he is looking for is among them. Aboard the train famous neurologist Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain stumbles upon his ex-wife, Jennifer, soon the lives of the passengers will depend on them, since they are the only people with medical experience. MacKenzie detours the train into Poland, where he plans to keep the passengers in quarantine camp.

Italian disaster movie set aboard a train full of passengers (according to script with 1000 passengers, which is a pure fantasy number). With cast full of stars producer Carlo Ponti saw this film as opportunity to promote his wife, Sophia Loren, but the script lacked realism to make an impact. Nevertheless the story is interesting, cast did well, the plot is complexed enough and there are elements of adventure, so everyone could find something for him. Most of the movie takes place aboard the train, although not much of the scenery is shown.

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watch The Cassandra Crossingwatch The Cassandra Crossing

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The Cassandra Crossing

The Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movieThe Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movieThe Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movie

Creators of The Cassandra Crossing

George Pan Cosmatos films


George Pan Cosmatos films


Tom Mankiewicz films


Robert Katz films


Cast of The Cassandra Crossing

Richard Harris films

as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain

Sophia Loren films

as Jennifer Chamberlain

Burt Lancaster films

as Colonel Stephen MacKenzie

Martin Sheen films

as Robby Navarro

Lee Strasberg films

as Herman Kaplan

Ava Gardner films

as Nicole Dressler

Ingrid Thulin films

as Dr. Elena Stradner

O.J. Simpson films

as Haley

Lionel Stander films

as Train Conductor

John Phillip Law films

as Major Stack

Ray Lovelock films

as Tom

Thomas Hunter films

as Captain Scott

Ann Turkel films

as Susan

Lou Castel films

as Swedish terrorist

The Cassandra Crossing - trivia

Production problem
While being filmed in Switzerland the production was delayed due to vandalism. The train, while it was kept on the Delemont Station for the night, was covered with political graffiti.

The train
The Swiss Railway line organization Schweizerische Bundesbahnen-Berne supplied a full train for the production, including the engine, dining car, sleeper and several cars.

The Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movieThe Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movieThe Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movieThe Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movie

The Cassandra Crossing quotes

Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain:
You can wash for a week. It will not make the slightest bit of difference.
Jennifer Chamberlain:
What would you prescribe, doctor?
Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain:
Stop breathing! That is how the disease is transmitted.

Nicole Dressler:
Oh, what is it all about?
Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain:
I’d say a slight case of, poisoning.
Nicole Dressler:
I think either you’re a lousy doctor or a lousy liar.

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