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Sleeping Car to Trieste 1948 train movie

Sleeping Car to Trieste (1948, United Kingdom)

Sleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English

During a party in one of the embassies in Paris Zurta breaks into safe. Even though it is full of money he leaves them behind, all he takes is a book. Surprised by embassy employee he shots him dead and returns to the party. Together with his partners, beautiful Valya and shifty Karl, they mingle among the guests and leave embassy with the book before the murder is discovered. In the morning Zurta and Valya realize that Karl fled Paris with the book and they have to catch up with him in order to retrieve the valuable item. They climb aboard express train leaving for Italy and start looking for Karl. Karl is actually much closer than they expect - he also is aboard that train, hiding in his compartment and using name Poole. He was promised he would be alone during the journey, he planned to examine the book, which turns out to be a diary, but while he was preparing to study its content he is interrupted by the conductor. Despite the promise a second passenger is put in his compartment, to make things worse Karl soon learns that his companion is Inspector Jolif of French police.

Classic train movie set almost completely aboard the express leaving from Paris towards Italy. Three people prepare to settle their scores over stolen diary, but bystanders are getting involved and put themselves in danger without realizing it. While the film is typical crime drama of the post-war era with not very impressive humour elements, the atmosphere aboard the train is the strong point of Sleeping Car to Trieste.

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watch Sleeping Car to Trieste

watch Sleeping Car to Trieste

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Sleeping Car to Trieste

Sleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movieSleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movieSleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movie

Creators of Sleeping Car to Trieste

John Paddy Carstairs films


Allan MacKinnon films


Cast of Sleeping Car to Trieste

Alan Wheatley films

as Charles Poole

Albert Lieven films

as Zurta

Jean Kent films

as Valya

Derrick De Marney films

as George Grant

Paul Dupuis films

as Inspector Jolif

David Tomlinson films

as Tom Bishop

Bonar Colleano films

as Sergeant West

Rona Anderson films

as Joan Maxted

Michael Ward films

as Elvin

Hugh Burden films

as Mills

Sleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movieSleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movie
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