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Mystery Junction 1951 train movie

Mystery Junction (1951, United Kingdom)

Mystery Junction  1951 train movie

Running time: 61 minutes

Language: English

Larry Gordon, author of detective novels, travels on the night train and while he tries to get some sleep he notices the elderly lady watching his every move. When he notices that she is reading one of his latest books he is convinced she is a fan of his. He agrees to sign the book, but Miss Owens tries to make use of this fortunate meeting and find out how Gordon comes up with all those mystery stories. Sudden scream outside of the moving train window interrupts their conversation. They go out of their compartment to see what happened, but they find nothing - the nearest doors are closed and there is no way to move to the front of the train since they are in the first car. They check if other passengers of their car noticed anything, but they learn nothing. The compartment next to the one they were travelling in is closed from the inside and a man, who answered the doors was armed. Gordon and Owens decide to alarm the train crew, but they find the ticket collector have been knocked down and two young women were hiding nearby. Soon they learn there is a murderer being escorted by the police aboard that train to take part in the trial next day.

British mystery thriller that starts aboard a night train and later moves to small train station in the middle of nowhere during the snowstorm. The production has elements similar to classic The Ghost Train, but with more down-to-earth feeling a bit more complicated story. Most of the scenes take place aboard the night train and small station during the night, so it is rather a chamber drama, but well written it is still quite entertaining.

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watch Mystery Junction

watch Mystery Junction

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Mystery Junction

Mystery Junction  1951 train movieMystery Junction  1951 train movieMystery Junction  1951 train movie

Creators of Mystery Junction

Michael McCarthy films


Michael McCarthy films


Cast of Mystery Junction

Sydney Tafler films

as Larry Gordon

Barbara Murray films

as Pat Dawn

Martin Benson films

as Steve Harding

Patricia Owens films

as Mabel Dawn

Christine Silver films

as Miss Owens

Philip Dale films

as Elliot Fisher

Pearl Cameron films

as Helen Mason

John Salew films

as John Martin

Denis Webb films

as Inspector Clarke

David Davies films

as Benson

Charles Irwin films

as Hooker

Mystery Junction  1951 train movie
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