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Metro 2013 train movie

Metro (2013, Russia)

Metro  2013 train movie

Running time: 130 minutes

Language: Russian

Just another day in Russia capital city, Moscow, begins like any other - people are rushing to work, students are rushing to schools. Alcoholic metro worker, who was inspecting the tunnels that run under the river, spotted something unusual in one of them, but since it was end of his shift and there was nothing much to report, he just left the work. Surgeon Garin is going through rough time in life - he suspects his wife is cheating on him and it looks like the divorce is inevitable. He takes his young daughter Ksyusha and together they take the subway to the city center. His wife’s lover, Konstantinov, is tired of the situation and wants to confront Garin. Student Denis spots a beautiful girl in the crowd and tries to get her attention. Alcoholic Galochka runs away from the police that wanted to fine her for drinking in public place. All of them end up in same car of Moscow metro, just in time when small leak begins to break the concrete in one of the tunnels. Soon the water begins to flood the tracks and metro cars full of people are derailed. Garin regains consciousness and sees all the injured and dead people, he begins to look for Ksyusha. The seats have covered her and thus saved her life, but now that they all are stuck in underground tunnel they have to find a way to survive and way to return to surface before the water level will raise.

Russian disaster film set in one of the Moscow metro tunnels, when the water begins to flood the network and trap passengers in the underground labyrinth. Although set in subway system film offers very limited look on the infrastructure - most of the time the survivors travel through dark tunnels. As for film value it is just like other disaster movies - predictable, sometimes a bit too sentimental or too slow. Overall - not bad, but although not really good.

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Metro  2013 train movieMetro  2013 train movieMetro  2013 train movie

Creators of Metro

Anton Megerdichev films


Dmitry Safonov films


Denis Kuryshev films


Cast of Metro

Sergey Puskepalis films

as Garin

Anatoliy Belyy films

as Konstantinov

Svetlana Khodchenkova films

as Irina

Aleksey Bardukov films

as Denis

Katerina Shpitsa films

as Alisa

Elena Panova films

as Galochka

Anfisa Vistingauzen films

as Ksyusha

Stanislav Duzhnikov films

as Mikhail

Metro  2013 train movieMetro  2013 train movie
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