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Meet Me in Venice 2015 train movie

Meet Me in Venice (2015, Netherlands)

Meet Me in Venice  2015 train movie

Running time: 98 minutes

Language: English

Liza is 31-year-old woman from Holland. During her holiday she travels to Venice to meet her Italian father that she never met. Mauro and Liza’s mother have split up when she was 3 and he traveled the world as musician. Liza tried to contact him in the past, but he never replied, then out of the sudden he called her. She has boyfriend and a son, but decides to spend a week with her biological father. It turns out that Mauro have prepared a plan for the time they will spend together - he wants them to travel by trains from Venice to Istanbul, on the Orient Express route, the same route he and Liza’s mother took before Liza was born. At that time Italy won the World Cup, they were in love, had little money, during the days they took tours in the cities, and they sleep in the trains travelling towards the Istanbul. Now he wants show Liza all the places they have visited over 30 years earlier, but everything has changed during those years. During that travel they meet people from Mauro’s past and talk about life. In Serbia Liza meets a nice young man, Dragan, and wants to divert from original route, which causes a fight.

Dutch film presenting unusual travel of father and daughter that haven’t met in almost 30 years and now they try to get to know each other while traveling down the Orient Express route. Altough the story concentrates on their uneasy relations the travel and the trains in Serbia and Bulgaria play important part in the film. Of course now the Orient Express route isn’t as glamorous as it was 100 years ago, but still Balkan scenery is impressive.

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Meet Me in Venice  2015 train movieMeet Me in Venice  2015 train movieMeet Me in Venice  2015 train movie

Creators of Meet Me in Venice

Eddy Terstall films


Eddy Terstall films


Erik Wunsch films


Cast of Meet Me in Venice

Beppe Costa films

as Mauro

Roberta Petzoldt films

as Liza

Nikola Rakocevic films

as Dragan

Meral Polat films

as Ayse

Meet Me in Venice  2015 train movieMeet Me in Venice  2015 train movie
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