train movies

train movies


Unstoppable  2010 train movie


2010 United States

During routing intra-yard movement of string of cars engineer makes a small mistake and his car, completely unmanned, not only moves into mainline, but also has set the throlle for 100%. Soon it turns out there are dangerous chemicals onboard....

Transsiberian  2008 train movie


2008 Spain

American couple, returning from vacation in China, get aboard of Trans-Siberian train through Russia. They meet young couple, who travel on the same route, but soon it will turn out there is a dark side to the story....

Murder on the Orient Express  1974 train movie

Murder on the Orient Express

1974 United Kingdom

Hercule Poirot boards the famous Orient Express and stumbles upon one of the most complicated cases in his career - one of the passengers is found dead with multiple stub wounds, but it seems that he was poisoned....

Snowpiercer  2013 train movie


2013 South Korea

Snowpiercer is the last oasis of human kind on Earth that returned to ice age due to scientific experiment that was supposed to stop the global warming....

The Ghost Train  1941 train movie

The Ghost Train

1941 United Kingdom

Eight passengers miss their connection and are forced to spend a night on small train station in Cornwall. The stationmaster tells them the story that the station is in fact haunted. During the storm strange things begin to happen....

Death Train Detonator 1993 train movie

Death Train



1993 United States

Mercenaries take over a train in Germany and plan to reach the Iraq. Why would authorities would let them pass through rail network? Perhaps so they would not detonate the nuclear bomb they have aboard....

The Lady Vanishes  1938 train movie

The Lady Vanishes

1938 United Kingdom

Avalanches put the railways into halt, passengers of one of the trains are stuck in mountain village. When they finally can leave the place elderly woman vanishes into the thin air, which starts a chain of events aboard the train....

The Cassandra Crossing  1976 train movie

The Cassandra Crossing

1976 Italy

Train from Geneva to Stockholm leaves the station with one extra passenger, young man who was exposed to a deadly plague. Now it is up to doctor aboard to save rest of the passengers....

Oh, Mr. Porter!  1937 train movie

Oh, Mr. Porter!

1937 United Kingdom

Hapless railway worker William Porter is given a unlikely promotion to a stationmaster in secluded town of Buggleskelly in Ireland. It turns out that every of his predecessors has quit this position or was diagnosed insane....

Night Train Pociag 1959 train movie

Night Train



1959 Poland

Passengers of night train heading for the sea are preoccupied by the news that among them could be a man, who killed his wife back in Lodz from where they have departed....

Howl  2015 train movie


2015 United Kingdom

Overnight commuting train makes an unplanned stop in the middle of the woods. In the light of full moon the driver tries to figure out what has happened when he inspects the train from outside, but that’s the last time anyone sees him....

Train to Busan Busanhaeng 2016 train movie

Train to Busan



2016 South Korea

Workaholic Seok-woo takes his daughter on a trip to Busan to meet with his ex-wife. Just before departure of the train a woman looking really sick climbs aboard and soon proves to be a huge problem......

Sleeping Car to Trieste  1948 train movie

Sleeping Car to Trieste

1948 United Kingdom

A book stolen from embassy puts three dangerous people aboard the same train leaving the Paris. During that journey they will try to settle their scores....

Sands Train Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres 2011 train movie

Sands Train


Les Pirogues des Hautes Terres

2011 France

In 1947 local railway workers in Senegal decide to strike demanding decent wages and social protection equal to white workers, but since railway officials refuse to meet their demands the crisis leads to a dramatic events....

The Midnight Meat Train  2008 train movie

The Midnight Meat Train

2008 United States

While looking for interesting materials in the New York City night life photographer Leo accidentally finds himself tangled in the serial killer case. Because police doesn’t seem to be bothered by the informations he tries himself track down the ki...

Lenin: The Train Il treno di Lenin 1988 train movie

Lenin: The Train


Il treno di Lenin

1988 Italy

In 1917 Germany is struggling to deal with the hardships of World War 1, the generals are eager to close the eastern front and concentrate on the France alone. Since military options are limited they come up with the plan to send Lenin back to Russia...

The Great Train Robbery  2013 train movie

The Great Train Robbery

2013 United Kingdom

In 1963 gang of small time criminals undertook the biggest job of their career - the robbery of night train from Glasgow to London - but they got more than they bargained for....

The Secret of Coach 13 La Treizième Voiture 1993 train movie

The Secret of Coach 13


La Treizième Voiture

1993 France

When young Valentin agrees to join his eccentric aunt on the train journey from Paris to Moscow he did not suspected it to be one of the most exciting adventures of his life....

Millionaires Express Foo Gwai Lit Che 1986 train movie

Millionaires Express


Foo Gwai Lit Che

1986 Hong Kong

Train full of rich passengers leaves Shanghai for 20 days journey to Chengdu, but few people has plans for the train to end its journey in small village in the middle of nowhere. Japanese diplomat tries to smuggle precious map, gangster tries to stea...

Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure  2010 train movie

Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure

2010 United States

Teenage adventure seeker Mandie and her friends get aboard a train to follow Mandie’s uncle John on his mysterious journey that involves treasure hidden in a mine somewhere in the mountains....


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