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Howl 2015 train movie

Howl (2015, United Kingdom)

Howl  2015 train movie

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: English

Alpha Trax company employee, train guard Joe Griffin, ends his late shift and find in his locker a bad news - his application for supervisor position has been turned down and to make things worse the guy that got that job is a real jerk. If that wasn’t enough his new supervisor gives him another shift on the night commuting train that leaves in just few minutes. Joe wasn’t gonna take it, but when he realizes that on that shift he will be accompanied by his unrequited love, the tea-trolley girl, Ellen, he agrees. Soon the train leaves Waterloo Station and sets out into the night with the full moon hanging high above the horizon. The shift goes as boring as Joe expected, but then suddenly the train makes an emergency stop in the middle of nowhere. Train driver announces through the intercom that train has hit something on the track and they will be on the way soon. While Joe makes sure the passengers are ok the driver leaves his cabin and tries to find out what happened. He finds remains of a deer stuck in the undercarriage, which is hardly surprising since they are in the middle of the woods, but when he tries to do something about it he is attacked from behind. Joe cannot find the driver, so he uses radio to contact his company, but the information he gets is rather grim - it will be about 4 hours before someone can reach them and drive the train further. The passengers are not happy with that news, especially since they are in the middle of mobile "dead zone" and they can’t communicate with outside world through their phones. One of the passengers suggests that it can’t be more that 2 miles to the nearest station, so they should just leave the train and walk. Joe does not want to brake the rules, but finally agrees and in the middle of the night, surrounded by dense forest with a single flashlight they walk down the tracks. At least until they find the mutilated body of the train driver...

British independent horror film set aboard a commuter train stuck in the middle of the night in area full of murderous creatures. With great setting and spine-chilling atmosphere Howl is a nice piece of entertainment, although it is still a simple horror movie, so do not expect much from the story or characters.

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Howl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movie

Creators of Howl

Paul Hyett films


Mark Huckerby films


Nick Ostler films


Cast of Howl

Ed Speleers films

as Joe Griffin

Holly Weston films

as Ellen

Shauna Macdonald films

as Kate

Duncan Preston films

as Ged

Elliot Cowan films

as Adrian

Sam Gittins films

as Billy

Sean Pertwee films

as train driver Tony

Amit Shah films

as Matthew

Rosie Day films

as Nina

Ania Marson films

as Jenny

Calvin Dean films

as Paul

Howl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movieHowl  2015 train movie
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