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The Train: Escape to Normandy 1987 train computer game

The Train: Escape to Normandy (1987, United States)

The Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train game

Language: English

During World War 2 French resistance took multiple approaches to fight with the occupant, the Nazi Germany - from ambushes and sabotage to espionage and guiding Allied bombers. In The Train: Escape to Normandy we have story loosely based on 1964 American war movie The Train (starring Burt Lancaster) - under the cover of the night resistance fighters take control over train in central France. The German guards were alarmed and started to shoot from the windows of train station and here where the player enters - using machine gun we have to cover the fighter that will switch the tracks so the engine can leave the station.

Once out of the town we have to take care of the engine - keep the right speed and steam pressure, operate the brakes. But we’re far from being safe yet - our target is to reach the Normandy, which means we will have to cross the whole France with Germans on our backs. Of course they will not chase us in traditional way - they have the fighters that will harass us and the gunboats to guard the bridges. The train is prepared for defence - we have anti-aircraft gun on the top of the engine and the wagon with gun to deal with the gunboats.

But as any other train our will require supplies and will have to go through train stations on the way, which means again we will have to deal with the German guards. We can also take over the radio on the station and contact French resistance to ask for their assistance - they can attack the next station or bridge so we could freely drive through it, they can also help us repair the train.

Simple game published in 1987 that simulates the mission of French resistance that took over the train and tries to reach the Normandy, where Allied forces have landed. It is mixture of driving the train and action scenes during the encounters with enemy or at the train stations. But through that simplicity the game was challenging and involving.

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The Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train gameThe Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train gameThe Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train gameThe Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train gameThe Train: Escape to Normandy  1987 train game
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